Albert Heta was born in 1974 in Prishtina, Kosova.

Heta's works are often simple acts of intervention in an existing social condition, responses to a given situation, or rethinking of existing objects.

His notable works ‘It's time to go visiting: No visa required’, a public intervention on British Airways billboards in Prishtina (2003), 'Embassy of the Republic of Kosova in Cetinje, SCG' (2004) for Cetinje Biennale or his 'Kosovar Pavilion Venice Biennial 2005' (2005) distributed in collaboration with e-flux, are not merely the installations or acts of appropriation, but also acts of engagements with the conditions under which the works were accepted by the curators, media, politicians, and the public.

Since 2006, his work is also channeled through a collaborative intervention, project institution Stacion - Center for Contemporary Art Prishtina.

Solo Exhibitions, Public Projects and Interventions

2009 | Prishtina: CONTEMPORARY ART SPACE, marble engraved plate installed in the entrance of Frizer Pantene Barber Shop, Prishtina

2005 | Santa Fe: HOMESICK, appropriation of the Santa Fe Art Institute Building, Santa Fe, Mew Mexico, 3 - 21 August, 2005.

2005 | Venice: KOSOVAR PAVILION VENICE BIENNALE 2005, distributed by e-flux

2005 | Prague: EMBASSY OF THE REPUBLIC OF KOSOVA, PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC, public media intervention, official notice on DNES Daily Newspaper, 11.02.2005, Prague

2004 | Cetinje: EMBASSY OF THE REPUBLIC OF KOSOVA, CETINJE, Serbia and Montenegro, public intstallation, vandalised and removed by organisers, 5th Biennial of Cetinje, curated by Rene Block and Natasa Ilic, Cetinje

2003 | 15.12.2003 - 15.01.2004 | Galerie 35, Berlin: WELCOME - Botschaft der Republik Kosovo, Berlin

2003 | Prishtina: IT'S TIME TO GO VISITING: NO VISA REQUIRED, public intervention on British Airways billboards, removed after 11 hours, Prishtina

2001 | Prishtina: HAPPINESS - INDEPENDENCE DAY: 1 MINUTE, public media intervention, appropriation of thedeclaration of the Contitutional Framework of Kosovo by Hans Haekkerup - Special Representative of the Secretary-General and the head of the United Nationas Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK), Radio Televison of Kosova - RTK, 14.06.2001, 20.30 CET.

Selected Group Exhibitions

15.09.10-30.10.10 | Word for Word, Without Word, curated by Alenka Gregoric, City Museum of Ljubljana, City Gallery of Ljubljana, Ljubljana

20.5.09-03.6.2009 | The Renaming Machine, curated by Suzana Milevska, G - MK, Zagreb

12.6.08-19.06.08 | The Renaming Machine, curated by Suzana Milevska, The P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Institute, JG, Ljubljana

07.11.07-22.12.07 | Land Grab, curated by Sarah Lookofsky and Lillian Fellmann, Apex Art, New York

09.02.07-20.05.07 | Entre Fronteras, curated by Carolina Grau, MARCO-Museo de Arte Contemporánea de Vigo, Vigo

26.02.07-19.03.07 | ¼ Hungarian, curated by Bea Hock, Franciska Zólyom, Liget Galeria, Budapest & Institute for Contemporary Art, Dunaujvaros

16.11.05-02.12.06 | Czechpoint, curated by Tamar Moyzes, C2C Gallery, Prague

22.05.05-15.06.06 | Architecture of Today?, curatorial by Vangelis Vlahos and Despina Zefkili, Kosova Art Gallery, Prishtina

07.12.05-21.01.06 | Architecture of Today?, Els Hanappe Underground, Athens

18.11.05-28.11.05 | 7 Bienal de Video Y Nuevos Medios de Santiago, Museo de Arte Conteporane, Santiago de Chile

01. 12. 04–31.01.05 | A New Past, Marronnier Art Center & Insa Art Space of the Korean Culture & Arts Foundation, Seul

28.08.04-19.09.04 | Love It of Leave It, 5the Biennale of Cetinje, curated by Rene Block and Natasa Ilic, Dubrovnik, Cetinje, Tirana

15.05.04-10.06.04 | Zagreb, Croatia: I Need a Redical Change, Curated by WHW, Galerija NOVA, Zagreb

30.08.03-23.11.03 | In den Schulden des Balkans, curated by Rene Block, Kunsthalle Fridericianum, Kassel

06.04.00-29.04.00 | Portland, USA: Carnival in the Eye of the Storm - Kosov@: Art; New Technologies, PNCA, Philip Feldman Gallery.

01.07.1998-01.09.1998 | Perspektiva 98, Dodona Galery, Prishtina

Videos (2000 - 2005)

FREEDOM, color video, NTSC, 30.00 min, 2005.

DO IT AGAIN, color video, NTSC, 3.08 min, 2005.

SUNDAY, color video, NTSC, 3.01 min, 2005 (with Maria Jose Rojas).

SOMETHING ELSE , color video, NTSC, 4 X 1.00 min, 2005 (with Maria Jose Rojas).

PLANE, color video, NTSC, 0.39 min, 2005 (with Maria Jose Rojas).

HOMESICK, color video, NTSC, 22.15 min, 2005.

THE PRINCE OF KOSOVA, color video, PAL, 25.34 min, 2004-2005.

BELGRADE TALK, color video, PAL, 17.21 min, 2005.

BANG BANG, color video, PAL, 2.20 min, 2003.

HAPPINESS - INDEPENDENCE DAY: 1 MINUTE, color video, PAL, 1.46 min, 2001.

DESIRE, Two-channel video installation, VHS, 3.10 min, 2000.

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