Contemporary art space, marble engraved plate installed at the entrance of Frizer Pantene Barber Shop, Prishtina, 2009

'Contemporary art space' (2009), is produced for Frizer Pantene.

Albert Heta In his own words: 'This work, created for Frizer Pantene, for me in a way is equal to the challenge of doing public interventions in this country or other geographies, when confronted by a certain context and issues concerning which I don't want to be silent.

'Contemporary art space' is about contemporary art practice and history of today. In a specific context, this work appears in a new country that by its' apparent relation toward contemporary art has no need for it and further more excludes its existence as a practice. By all definitions, this is a model of a country created through a well-designed contemporary project. So far, this model tolerates well only non-critical practices and is late to see the potential for self-emancipation in contemporary practices. Is this the model of future Europe?'