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Dear Ms. Sedding-Meier,

With deep sorrow I must say that I can not take part in any kind of exhibition with these or any conditions which go directly in the concept of my work.

Simply I can not work in this way. I refuse with protest to take part in this.

I will not make any other remark or comment regarding the political issues but I will say only this: you have closed the door for any question or view that is not your own and by doing so you have joined a standard contemporary mediocre European politician.

My work is an effort to open paths, to ask questions, to break taboos which I see dangerous for the prosperity of all.

Best regards,
Albert Heta

From: "Susanne Sedding-Meier" < To: Subject: Grüsse_aus_berlin_-_Galerie_35 Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2003 18:47:56 +0100

Dear Mr. Heta,

thank you for your mail of November 1st.

In the meantime I discussed the concept of your exhibition in Berlin - esspecially the issue of the flag ! - with several people, so that my answer now is not only my very personal opinion.

I think, I have well understood the main intention and the main issue of the exhibition that you are projecting in Galerie 35.Even the way you try to realiseyour Utopian vision is convincing. And I repeat: I like to support your project.

But !I still have scruples concerning the flag. Those scrupels have just been increased by your writing. You say that this flag is the point of many hot debates in your country at this time. That means that the reconciliation of the different groups of population is still in a very difficult and sensitive process.

Perhaps this traditional flag one day will become again the flag of the Republic of Kosovo - but at present it is not yet so .

That means that a part of the population doesn't feel to be represented by this flag.

I fear if you try to show the problems of the population of your country under this flag, it could just create those issues that you dont want to address with your work: the rivalry of different groups of population.That is why - as creating a new flag is of no option to you - I beg you to avoid any flag in your exhibition.

I saw your video in the exhibition in Kassel and I was impressed. 

I hope we have in Berlin a good cooperation.

Best regards

Date: Sat, 1 Nov 2003 10:19:07 -0800 (PST) From: Subject: Re: grüsse_aus_berlin_-_Galerie_35 To: "Susanne Sedding-Meier" < CC:

Dear Ms. Sedding-Meier,

Firstly, I wish to thank you for inviting me to exhibit in your gallery.

I must say that I don't speak nor read German but somehow through Internet translation services I managed to get an idea what your letter is about. I hope that I did not get it wrong.

If i did I apologies beforehand.

I just got back from a trip and read your e-mail. I have also received some not so clear messages from Leka concerning the exhibition, which I will try to address directly to him. 

The issue that you are addressing - the flag.

I will give you some points that maybe can clear up something about this element. This flag has been the flag of Kosovo's population even during the Yugoslavia , when Kosova was part of the federation. Of course it had a communist star firstly over the head of the black eagle that later besides the eagle in a larger scale. It was used normally in all state festivities and all occasions without any exception.

The majority of 92% percent of the population of Kosova still sees this flag as their own. It is a fact that 6% of Kosova's population (the Serbs) see the flag of Serbia as their own. The other groups as Turks have their own symbols, but respect this flag as the flag of the majority. The flag and the symbol still are a point of many hot debates and today have become a taboo in every way, mainly by the international administration living here with us, and by Serbia . But the issue of the flag is not the main in my concept of the exhibition. It is the issue of denying a large number of inhabitants of one country (or call it differently if you wish) to live normally. To travel outside their country and reality normally. To get back home normally. To participate with their team in a international football championship. To take part in a chess championship, etc. This project has as main intention to give back to these people little of that normality, even is it being shown as an Utopian vision for a few weeks in Berlin. Therefore the project is connected with reality and the flag and the symbols are part of that reality.

Thus creating a new flag is of no option, as it would create issues that I don't want to address with this work.

I hope that I have cleared my points and that there are no other conceptual points that I have to address. If yes please feel free to ask me and I will be glad to answer.

On my practical problems realizing the exhibition I will contact Leka directly so I will not bother you in this moment.

Best regards,
Albert Heta

From: "Susanne Sedding-Meier" < To: Subject: grüsse_aus_berlin_-_Galerie_35 Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2003 16:04:46 +0200

Sehr geehrter Herr Heta,

von Leka erhielt ich Ihren Entwurf zu Ihrer Ausstellung in unserer Galerie in Berlin übermittelt.

Ich freue mich , dass Sie in unserer Galerie eine Ausstellung machen wollen. Auch das Thema, mit dem Sie, wie ich meine, auf Ihre politische Situation im Kosovo aufmerksam machen wollen, würde ich voll unterstützen.

Fragen und Bedenken kommen allerdings auf, wenn diese "Botschaft der Republik Kosovo",wie sie fiktiv von Ihnen erstellt wird, das Wappen und die Fahne nur einer der im Kosovo lebenden Volksgruppen erhält. Das könnte von Besuchern,bzw. Betrachtern dieser Ausstellung als eine einseitige nationalistische Demonstration aufgefaßt werden.Das ist aber sicher nicht Ihre Absicht. Sicher meinen Sie mit der "Republik Kosovo" ein Land , in dem verschiedene Volksgruppen gleichberechtigt leben. Sollte diese Perspektive nicht auch in einer Fahne deutlich werden, die Symbole dieser verschiedenen Volksgruppen in sich vereint? - Vielleicht können Sie eine derartige Fahne für Ihre Ausstellung neu erfinden ? - Oder es läßt sich da

sicher noch eine andere Idee finden, um die Interessen der verschiedenen im Kosovo lebenden Volksgruppen gleichwertig zu vertreten.

Wir sollten auf jeden Fall uns über diesen Punkt nochmal verständigen und ihn zu klären versuchen.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
S. Sedding-Meier