Embassy of the Republic of Kosova, Cetinje, Serbia and Montenegro, 2004

The work Embassy of Republic of Kosova, Cetinje, Serbia and Montenegro is based on a simple axiom: Republic of Kosova as an axiom of a simple request for equality, and an axiom showing that the anti-Albanian racism contains all apparatus of the state Serbia and Montenegro, a new state as an attempt for distancing from previously existing Yugoslavia state war machinery. Cetinje Biennale, seen until then, as an intellectual platform that distances itself from Yugoslavia war machinery for destruction of other nations, with the appearance of this work by Albert Heta showed that there is no intellectual or political platform that is not comprised by racism toward the Albanian, that phantasmical enemy of every Yugoslavia of the twentieth century.

This work showed that the last remaining part of the project Yugoslavia is possible if it continues to keep inside the Albanian as the enemy, and that its’ eternal survival is due to the nation that has to be nonsubjectified, scattered and destroyed and used as the eternal guarantee of equality and unity of all other Yugoslav nations.

The work was vandalized and later removed by the organizers.
Branimir Stojanovic