Freeshop, cleaning the burned remaining's, wall painting, 1999

Freeshop was performed after the war in Kosova.

Peja, one of the oldest cities in Kosova, as few other big cities was destroyed in a large extent during the war. The old bazaar of Peja, with a long history behind it, was burned down by the Serb occupying forces, too.

After the war, few selected artists, by the initiative of Sokol Beqiri, were gathered in this market 'to do something to uplift the city in ruins'. This was 'the task' given to us by sokol. We were given each a burned shop, to work on them. I had big doubts to work in this place. I was thinking that it can be problematic to make a work out of that place now. I decided to clean the shop and paint white clouds in the center and frize FreeshopFreeshopFreeshop.

Albert Heta